Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Dansela is a most common word which comes with vesak day. Vesak is a day when the Buddhist celebrate Lord  Buddha's Birth, Enlightenment and Death. With Lanterns & Pandals Dansela also playing a major role on the vesak day. 

Those days no transport facilities as we have now. People used to travel by walking or by carts most of th time.It makes people tired. Because of that in the roads some used to give drinks or something to eat to take away the tiredness. As per my knowledge this is how the concept of Dansela derived. 

That practice only still followed by the people. Vesak days every where we can see so many dansel such as rice, drinks, biscuit, ice cream, coffee, etc, etc. Thsese are the most common once where we can see every year. 

But this time i got to know a different type of dansela & also which is very meaningful. Indeed should appreciate the person who had a thought to give such a dansela. This different dansela is from Badulla - Ridhimaaliyedda. 

All must be wondering what is this dansela. But we cannot easily guess it. That is Kerosene oil Dansela. As per the article which i read a business man doing this dansela for the sixth time for the rural area Kuruvithenna which does not have electricity. The person who did this wonderful thing is Thissa Hewawasam. 

I am not telling any wrong to other type of Dansela. But most of the time we go to such dansela not because of we did not have anything to eat. Just for fun or for a change. But this persons activity can fulfill a Real need of a person. We should hats off to such people.

Here few pictures of that dansela....


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