Saturday, July 23, 2011

Infertility & Divorce

I thought to write about this after hearing an incident from a friend of mine. Generally when we talk to friends so many things will be shared. Likewise recently when i was talking to a friend of mine she was telling me about her sister & the problem what she facing currently. 

She has already told me that her sister & brother in law had the affair for 8 years before marriage. They have married about 3 years back & have no kids yet though they have tried so many medicines. Because of that they have both have problems always nowadays & it moved up to divorce.

When she told that, what i thought was what happened to the love what they built from so many years? What happened to the understanding & the bond? I agree that if get married all will like to have kid/kids. But unfortunately some cannot have that. Of course any one will feel sad. But cannot have a child is a reason for divorce? None of them can be blame for it. Its none of their fault. Also i do not think the only purpose of marriage is to have a kid. The success in marriage is understanding the spouse & being together in all the happiness & sadness. 

If you do not have a kid & if really want a one you can adopt a child. To whoever born all are kids. No need to differentiate them. We can treat an adopted child as our own. But all does not like that. Nowadays there are so many ways & medicines to cure infertility. Still if all unsuccessful i do not think divorcing the partner is correct. At a time like that all will blame especially the lady. But that is one of the time the spouse can show the real love & caring. Without ignoring if he/she can treat her husband/wife in the same way that is greater than having a child.


  1. when ppl say 'for better or for worse during marriage', they don`t really mean 'for worse' part...

  2. mm ya. all will show the heaven. when seeing only we will experience the