Tuesday, July 12, 2011


This is about something which i noticed today while i was travelling from Kandy to Colombo. When i was waiting for the bus at the Kandy bus halt two guys were standing in front of me. From that one guy dressed up in official & other one was wearing a casual shirt.

One bus conductor was also wearing the same casual shirt which that guy was wearing. After noticing that that guy was telling to the other guy "Look this bus conductor also wearing the same shirt which i am wearing. I feel like removing it now. I am not going to wear this any more"

Some people have a thought that they should wear something uncommon. I am also included in that. But i do not see a wrong in that.But from his statement which come to my attention was the word he used "This conductor also wearing the same shirt & i feel like removing it now"

Conductor also a human as all of us. Why do we need to differentiate people by profession, religion, cast, rich, poor, etc.. I have no idea what both of that guys doing. Bus Conductor also a job. There are lot of culprits in the politics, police, etc. But there is a good image for them in the society. Like conductor who is just doing a simple job getting treated like this.

I am sure if the same shirt was worn by a celebrity or a reputed professional, that kind of people will be proud that they also wearing the same. Since this is a conductor  he felt in such way.

World is globalized & well developed. But when this kind of differentiation's will  be leaving? When people will start to look the other person only as a Human without considering anything???


  1. This is very normal. The guy can not be blamed as the system we are through tought us the different between literate and illiterate people, their choices.

  2. In our culture, social status of a person is directly attached to his profession. I think it is a residue of our old system of cast based professions.

  3. yes correct. But i feel these kind of attitudes needs to be changed.