Sunday, July 17, 2011

Movie Review - "Oye"

"Oye" is a Telungu movie. Though i am wring the review now it is not a new movie. It released almost 2 years back with the acting of "Siddarth" & "Shamili". It is a very good movie to watch who ever like love stories.

Shamili is an ideal Indian girl who thoroughly believes in numerology, sentiments, long life & all the regular simplistic life. Siddarth is a contradictory character to her. He is a rich person who believes in the short & sweet of life. He fall in love with that opposing character at the first sight.

From the start of the movie itself he falls in love with her. Whole movie is about how he tries to win her heart & the sacrifices he make of behalf of her & her happiness. Also this movie consist a bit different ending than the typical Indian movies.

Expressing the love on the birthday is a very cute & touching scene. This film emphasize the importance in the happiness of our day today life, how we enjoy our life, the importance in expressing the love to our beloved etc..

In most of the movies the girls character only will make cry, But here it is opposite. The ending really makes sad. Its a nice movie to watch!!!

From the below link can watch the whole movie with the english subtitles.

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  1. Hmmm.enjoyed couple of films of the actor of this film. However thanks for the link though I dont think that I will be able to download the movie with the internet speed I have.