Saturday, July 16, 2011

One God Forever

Does God Exist? Some people have this question on their mind. Whatever the question only two answers related to it. Either God exist or he is not. Whether you are an atheist or a theist all people live with some hope, some faith. 

With my experience & faith i strictly believe in god. God exist in the world. We have many religions in this world. All the religion see & worship the god in different ways. For example Islamic people they do believe in Allah. As a christian i do believe & worship Jesus. 

If some one ask how the god will be i do not have a clear answer for that. I do not know how god is and whether physically he is alive. But than all the things there is some power. I do believe where ever the true love, or kindness exist there will be god. God is love. Love is god. God is a forgiver.  

Any one can ask if god is love then why we are going to church or temple to worship the god. Those are the places which is specifically dedicated to represent the existence of god. It does not mean god will only be there. We go there just to listen the word of god. Most of us feel a peace, relax and a special mind satisfaction when you go to such religious places. Through preaching we can get to know many things. There are many people who changed their life in a good manner by listing to the preaches. Also many can pray as one family. 

As i stated i strictly believe in god. But i have a very big doubt on the existence of many gods as the way we practice. For example as per Christians god is Jesus, as per Islamic god is Allah. What i think is there is only one god. That's is why i stated above i do not have an idea in which way god exist. As per my knowledge and believes people only differentiated the religions & god in many ways. We all follow what some people differentiated long ago. But our mind do not accept it easily. Because from small age we used to see the god in a particular way. Though i say there is only one god i also do believe in Jesus. If some one asked to change the religion i will never do it. That is our mind set. We do not want to give up our faith. 

What ever the religion we follow, whoever we worship.. the summary of all the religion is "Do good. not wrong".  None of the religious promote the bad. All the religions are a way/practice to direct the people in a good manner. All promote the love, kindness, helping others, etc. That why we say the people who practice & follow the religion will not go in a wrong way. If i say in another word the person who follow & practice the religion properly & truly will make less mistakes. 


  1. Since you believe in god. remember to NOT do the following things;
    *do not bring up god when somebody survives a tragic event, - that makes the person feel like it wasnt his/her strength that helped him/her.

    *do not bring up god when somebody does something unbelievable, - same as above.

    *do not bring up god when someone is going to do something bad, - coz if someone doesn't understand the logic behind the "Bad" action then he/she will do it a again.

    And DO NOT say that it is "One God" that lives. That itself is enough to prove violence among god loving, "good people".

    if you believe in God, believe in "it" there's no wrong in doing so BUT do not try to force others to believe as well.

    peace out. :)

  2. so u believe in a god which does not have nay evidence of but then have the nerve to question the validity of auspicious time and astrology..u people r just unbelievable..

  3. I agree with your blog. I also have same thoughts. I have felt the presence of god in many ways and do not have an idea how he is.

  4. Never force others to believe in god. Its up to every individual to accept the god or not. :)

  5. For me, GOD is a just a faith. Its nowhere. Its in the faith we bear, beliefs that we get slowly as we grow in a family. I do have faith in GOD too, I dont belive He exist.

    I think the concept of God occurs only when we fail to explain a fact.

    Then why I do belive in God? Well Its make me feel like confident, gives me some kind'a self-confidence to move forward.

    And, why this faith exist among us? Well it exist, as we cant see the future.

    [All these only from my view]

  6. All what i said also only from my view...