Dubai Miracle Garden

After long time i have visited such a very nice and beautiful place which is full of mind blowing flowers. What a beauty. I have no words to explain the beauty.

Dubai Miracle Garden

After long time i have visited such a very nice and beautiful place which is full of mind blowing flowers. What a beauty. I have no words to explain the beauty.

Dubai Miracle Garden

After long time i have visited such a very nice and beautiful place which is full of mind blowing flowers. What a beauty. I have no words to explain the beauty.

Dubai Miracle Garden

After long time i have visited such a very nice and beautiful place which is full of mind blowing flowers. What a beauty. I have no words to explain the beauty.

Ice Cream

Now time is almost 12 am and is cold too. I just finished enjoying an ice cream. For some people it might sound ridiculous when I say I had an ice cream in the mid night.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Down to earth people

It is very hard to see really down to earth people nowadays. Specially people when they get money, power etc they forget who are they and they also a same human being as others in the society. Sometimes they fail to to treat others as a human.

In day to day life if we see in our office specially who are in high management hardly we can see down to earth people. Most of the times even if they carry a small bad they want someone to carry that. I am not saying it is wrong. But the other hand why he cannot carry his own bag? ( If really heavy and needed help then fine). All that is because of his position right? I have seen some people they really act as they don't care others. They think there are the only smart people. They forget their past.

I don not like to see this type of people. Same time i have happened to see some people who are really wealthy in money, position and qualities everything. They are very polite and they know how to treat others. They never keep it their head that they are rich or in high position. Act very simple & polite. Like to meet that type of people. When you such nice people you feel from the bottom of the heart that you wanna respect them. 

But if you see a person who don't know to treat others in a good manner & who always lives on behalf of money & position, you do get a good impression or respect heart fully.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Travel Attractions

Other than going for trips when we travel day to day we can see so many things and so many people in the road. But hardly we get attracted towards something and hardly something will make us to turn back and see again.

yesterday when i was going back after work around 7.00 pm i happened to see a very cute incident. I cannot exactly remember the place but somewhere in the road they have put some benches in the road side. There i saw one old couple (should be around 60's) sitting there while holding hands. They were laughing and looked like they were talking something very interesting. Hardly we can see some old couple being close like that and talking happily. It was so nice to see and i felt happy when seeing them.

Moving forward same place in another bench i saw another two old male friends. They also looked very old and still smart.One person's arms touching the other person's shoulder. They were talking to each other with gentle smile in their faces. They looked happy and relax. I was so happy to see such old people being so.

i wish if ever
yone could love each other like that even when they are old.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Social Media Marketing

A media revolution has made media more democratic, with power shifting from big corporate to individuals through social media. However it is not just about amassing many fans, but driving the right fans to make the right decision, thereby boosting the organizational goal.

Social media is one of the unavoidable thing nowadays. In personal life or business life every one using the social media. It plays a crucial role in everything. Specially Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Four square, youtube etc.. 

In personal life we use the social media to interact with others closely specially with the friends and relatives whom we cannot meet daily basis.

But when it come to business social media is one of the important thing every businessman should consider. Whatever their business it is better to have a facebook page, twitter page, etc in order to enhance their business. 

Restaurants, saloon, real estate or what ever the business it can be promoted well through this social media if we do it in a right way. It can reached in an efficient way with everyone. 

If you are interested, for more information regarding thing please contact me.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Is it Crazy or Not???

This is one thought or i would say a wish, which i have from small days. But only thinking and i have never taken a step to implement it.

I like to help others. Specially the needy people. When you go for a elders home or often children's place and when you see them them we also feel so happy. That is a different feeling. But with our expenses always it is difficult for me to help them.

One doller, rupee or dirhams. What ever just one in their currency is not a big amount to any person. For example say individually if we can collect 1 from 1000 person, that thousand will be a big money for a needy person. We can find colleges or offices with 200-500 person easily. So if everyone can contribute just with 1 coin we can do so much to the society.

I don't know how possible is this. But i think if we make the initiative and if everyone cooperate we can do it well more than what we think.

In Sri lanka we have so many needy people.Than collecting 1000 from Sri Lankans rupees 1000 from another currency would help much better. For example say if i can collect 1000 dirams or dollers as the way which i stated above i can do a good service to the needy people in my home country. This is just a wish. Please share your thoughts regarding this.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

If you get a good spouse nothing is beautiful than the Marriage Life

Male or Female i would say marriage life is a turning point in both life. It is like a new life. Until that we have been brought up with parents and siblings.. We are mostly dependent on our parents before marriage. With the marriage we are starting our own new family. The rest of the life we have to spend with the spouse. That is why i said if we get a good spouse nothing is beautiful than than married life. Most of the good times in life we will be spending with our spouse.

Same time if you did not get the right person then the married life will become hell.

I am so blesses to get a good spouse who like the way i am, who understands me well and who loves and care me always. He is not only my husband. If some one ask me who is my close friend it is no one else than my husband. We both used to share everything. No hidden matters. Even if some guy flirt with me, without any fears i will first tell my better half only. Because he knows who i am and he will never suspect me.

We were friends before and then became lovers. At start both families opposed to our affair and they did not like. But later on they were ok. We made all the wedding preparations alone by our self. ( It was nice because no one their to find faults or give advice in what we do. We both decided & planned it in a way what we want ). Since that day everything we do together by helping each others. We never fought even for a single matter. I hope it will be continued life long.....

Small and a meaninfull story

This is one story which i read & thought to share since it has a good meaning....

One day, the farmer's horse ran away, and all the neighbors gathered in the evening and said ‘that’s too bad.’
He said ‘maybe.’
Next day, the horse came back and brought with it seven wild horses. ‘Wow!’ they said, ‘Aren’t you lucky!’
He said ‘maybe.’
The next day, his son grappled with one of these wild horses and tried to break it in, and he got thrown and broke his leg. And all the neighbors said ‘oh, that’s too bad that your son broke his leg.’
He said, ‘maybe.’ The next day, the conscription officers came around, gathering young men for the army, and they rejected his son because he had a broken leg. And the visitors all came around and said ‘Isn’t that great! Your son got out.’
He said, ‘maybe.’

Lesson: you never really know in which direction progress lies. Life unfolds not always as we expect it to.

In life when some incidents happening, at that time we feel happy or sad. But there are times in future for the same incidents  we react in the opposite way. Somethings which feels good now will hurt us on a later day. So most for the things "may be" answer will be a good one. Because we do not know what will happen in the future.