Thursday, April 4, 2013

Is it Crazy or Not???

This is one thought or i would say a wish, which i have from small days. But only thinking and i have never taken a step to implement it.

I like to help others. Specially the needy people. When you go for a elders home or often children's place and when you see them them we also feel so happy. That is a different feeling. But with our expenses always it is difficult for me to help them.

One doller, rupee or dirhams. What ever just one in their currency is not a big amount to any person. For example say individually if we can collect 1 from 1000 person, that thousand will be a big money for a needy person. We can find colleges or offices with 200-500 person easily. So if everyone can contribute just with 1 coin we can do so much to the society.

I don't know how possible is this. But i think if we make the initiative and if everyone cooperate we can do it well more than what we think.

In Sri lanka we have so many needy people.Than collecting 1000 from Sri Lankans rupees 1000 from another currency would help much better. For example say if i can collect 1000 dirams or dollers as the way which i stated above i can do a good service to the needy people in my home country. This is just a wish. Please share your thoughts regarding this.


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