Wednesday, April 3, 2013

If you get a good spouse nothing is beautiful than the Marriage Life

Male or Female i would say marriage life is a turning point in both life. It is like a new life. Until that we have been brought up with parents and siblings.. We are mostly dependent on our parents before marriage. With the marriage we are starting our own new family. The rest of the life we have to spend with the spouse. That is why i said if we get a good spouse nothing is beautiful than than married life. Most of the good times in life we will be spending with our spouse.

Same time if you did not get the right person then the married life will become hell.

I am so blesses to get a good spouse who like the way i am, who understands me well and who loves and care me always. He is not only my husband. If some one ask me who is my close friend it is no one else than my husband. We both used to share everything. No hidden matters. Even if some guy flirt with me, without any fears i will first tell my better half only. Because he knows who i am and he will never suspect me.

We were friends before and then became lovers. At start both families opposed to our affair and they did not like. But later on they were ok. We made all the wedding preparations alone by our self. ( It was nice because no one their to find faults or give advice in what we do. We both decided & planned it in a way what we want ). Since that day everything we do together by helping each others. We never fought even for a single matter. I hope it will be continued life long.....


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