Saturday, April 13, 2013

Down to earth people

It is very hard to see really down to earth people nowadays. Specially people when they get money, power etc they forget who are they and they also a same human being as others in the society. Sometimes they fail to to treat others as a human.

In day to day life if we see in our office specially who are in high management hardly we can see down to earth people. Most of the times even if they carry a small bad they want someone to carry that. I am not saying it is wrong. But the other hand why he cannot carry his own bag? ( If really heavy and needed help then fine). All that is because of his position right? I have seen some people they really act as they don't care others. They think there are the only smart people. They forget their past.

I don not like to see this type of people. Same time i have happened to see some people who are really wealthy in money, position and qualities everything. They are very polite and they know how to treat others. They never keep it their head that they are rich or in high position. Act very simple & polite. Like to meet that type of people. When you such nice people you feel from the bottom of the heart that you wanna respect them. 

But if you see a person who don't know to treat others in a good manner & who always lives on behalf of money & position, you do get a good impression or respect heart fully.



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