Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Travel Attractions

Other than going for trips when we travel day to day we can see so many things and so many people in the road. But hardly we get attracted towards something and hardly something will make us to turn back and see again.

yesterday when i was going back after work around 7.00 pm i happened to see a very cute incident. I cannot exactly remember the place but somewhere in the road they have put some benches in the road side. There i saw one old couple (should be around 60's) sitting there while holding hands. They were laughing and looked like they were talking something very interesting. Hardly we can see some old couple being close like that and talking happily. It was so nice to see and i felt happy when seeing them.

Moving forward same place in another bench i saw another two old male friends. They also looked very old and still smart.One person's arms touching the other person's shoulder. They were talking to each other with gentle smile in their faces. They looked happy and relax. I was so happy to see such old people being so.

i wish if ever
yone could love each other like that even when they are old.


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