Friday, July 29, 2011

If We can Go Back Few Years............

We are living in a modernized and an advanced world. Specially mobiles & internet already became a part of our day today life. Most of the things are done in a call and also has online facilities for most of the things. if we need food by a call can get door step delivery. For most of the things no need to to go get it done. Via online can get it done. 

But if we have a look few years back everything totally different. Our parents/Grand parents did not have those facilities as we are. if want to contact a person hardly had telephone facilities as well. Snail mail played a huge role. Specially with a people who are far away or out of the country. Nowadays social networks & messengers helps for a smooth interconnection. Through that we do not feel the distance. 

Fro the basic needs to self actualization all have been eased. I am sure if we go 100 years back to live, it will be very hard for us. Because we used to this easy life. it will be very difficult to adopt to that life style. But mean time the people who lived hundreds of years back comes to live in this modernized world how they will adopt this culture and globalization... I am sure they do not like it. They used to hard work. Of course they do not like this easy & rush life. 

Every individual used to a particular life style. Mostly we would like to stick for it unless some people who are very flexible with all the changes. This is will be same in moving forward as well. If we look forward few era's the world we be more developed. So many things will be changed from now. I doubt whether we will like it. 

We get use to the life style which is in existence at the time of our live. It will be hard to adopt easily to a different life style thought it is good and advance!


  1. In our Finance and Marketing class, our teacher said about 30 years back how his life was in this very city we are living in. He was able to eat breakfast well at the cost of about 2 Taka. And today, a burger takes about 50 Taka. :|

  2. in few years time we will also tell the same :)