Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Stubborn/Adamant  some of the common words we can here in our day today life. Some of the attitudes or feeling derive to a person at a particular time of the age. But stubborn come from the small age. A child who cannot speak also stubborn at times. Until they need something which they wanted they will cry. Likewise From small to elder all the people are stubborn in some way.

Generally all say stubborn is a bad habit & a person should not be stubborn. Yes can agree with that. some people are stubborn even for a small matter. They always stick to their words even it is wrong. They don't think about others feelings. What ever they need they wanted & also whatever they express is the correct thing. Though they know they are wrong they do not wanna accept the truth or do not want to be second.

But at time i think we all should have stubbornness. There are people who live with the ideas of others. whatever others tell, they will also start to think in that way or just blindly follow them. A person should always strong enough with their decision. Should have their own policies. It does not mean should be selfish or do not think about others. Specially when the times of team work or family life or when being with friends, etc there are many occasions we needs to listen to the rest. Also there are times we need to give up some of the things on behalf of making others happy (here what i mean by others is some special people / our loved once) or to come to a settlement. 

As human we should have discipline than anything. Nowadays most of the people go after money, beauty, social status, popularity, etc. But what i think is than all a person should have a good personality, should have good humanity. To maintain those good behaviors a person should have some sort of stubbornness. 

I would like to mention few examples here. since a person does not drink or does not smoke we cannot call as a gentle men. Because that person may be controlled by others not to do so or did not get a chance to do those. But a person who can stand in between hundreds of boozers and while they force if he/she can reject it without telling "i really did not had an idea of drinking. but since they forced i had to" you can call that person as a gentlemen. Also since a person is quiet or seems to be innocent we cannot tell that person is good or innocent. As i say always silent killers are more dangerous. some people they do bad stuffs always. But there are people who wait for the time. When they get an opportunity they will try to take the maximum advantage of it. There are guys and girls who do not go behind others. But if some once come across their way they will not leave them. Than calling a guy gentlemen who did not had any chances to associate with girls, can tell as real gentlemen who had  hundreds of chances to flirt or do whatever they want and still who maintain their values. same with girls as well. 

Like wise there are instances a person should stand with their own policies & decisions & also there are instances we should be flexible enough.


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