Sunday, July 10, 2011

An interesting Animal

If i ask what is the interesting animal everyone will come up with different answers. Most of the people used to like Dog. Dog is the favorite pet for many.

If some one ask me what is my favorite animal or which is the most interesting animal my answer is Monkey. If i say that lot of people used to laugh at me.

Comparatively monkey is one of the animal most of the people do not like & used to insult about. But from small age i used to like monkeys and always used to admire their activities. Especially the medium size brown monkeys. And also i used to collect variety of pictures of monkeys. When ever i see a monkey i go & watch them.

Comparing with other animals monkey has some unique features. I do not know whether there were any relationships between monkeys or not. But really they have some features of Human.Whenever you see them can see something new always. Rarely can see a monkey with a dull mood. It will be active & happy always.

Some of the activities which i used to admire on them,

  • The way they carry the small monkey, how they feed, hug & make love.
  • Take Lice on another monkey & put it to their mouth.
  • They way they look, make funny faces & sounds.
  • When we not aware take the stuffs & going like a culprit.
  • Put their face on a small gap & the way they look.
  • When a monkey dressed up.
Those are just few. I would just say in one sentence that i used to admire all of their activities such as from the way they look  to sleep. Even if i am in a dull mood i feel happy when i see their funny & active way. I like to keep a monkey as my pet. But without caging want to keep inside the house as a family member.

Some of the interesting monkey captures which i got it from internet.


  1. My favorite is cat. We (my family) used to have a cat. Its a sad story, very sad story how we lost her. Will share with you later. She was of my mom. She was a member of our family.

    Let me tell you one big amazing thing about her. We all know cats like fish and milk most, right? Dont be shocked that our Tommy never eaten a single piece fish until we gave it to her, even when we were not around she used to guard the fishes so that no other cat can steal those.

    Your story is not about a cat but it remined me tommy. She was..

    However, I like monkeys too. It might be very available their in Sri Lanka, right? I believe we the human came from monkeys or any species of monkey. In our city zoo, there is large cage for monkeys. Sometimes baby monkey get out of cage and frighten us. The mostly thing I find in them is the way they care there childrens and others.

  2. Oh it must be a rare cat. ok share it lator. Ya in SL there are lot of monkies. In your country no much monkeys??

  3. Follow my blog, so that you can get updates about my posts.

    Monkeys are available in some parts of Bangladesh. In our district its not available. There are woods and forests in some parts of our country and monkeys are available there.

    As you are from Sri Lanka, you might have heard the name of Raam Setu. Can you share what you heard about Raam Setu?

  4. Okii... Ya i have heard about them.. but i dont no much as to write a blog. But will try to gather some information & will write a blog soon :) thanks.