Saturday, July 9, 2011

Never can satisfy woman (???)

This is a topic which came across in the office transport two days back. While going to office in the evening guys started this topic. I cannot remember the reason why they started this. But as per them woman cannot be satisfied. 

Cannot totally agree with that statement. But even i think girls expect more than guys. But it does not mean woman can never be satisfied. Mostly girls do sacrifices on behalf of their family than the guys. They do sacrifice their wills on behalf of their loved once. There are guys who does so many sacrifices. I never say no. But comparatively i believe girls does more than guys. 

Generally guys express what they need. Mostly girls does not tell every thing what they wanted. They expect their loved once should understand and fulfill their desires. I do not know whether it is correct way or not. Because other person cannot read our minds. But a person who is loving us should have a good understanding about us. If so up to some extent they should know our desires. Than asking & getting something we feel happy when our loved once understand our feelings, desires & fulfill it. 

I have heard lot of married guys telling can never satisfy the female party. There are guys who easily tell so. But they do not make attempt to understand their wife or her like & dislike. Some say Love does not expect anything. But i do not agree with that. What i believe is love comes with expectation. We expect less from the people who is not close. But we start to expect more from the once whom we love most.  

As i said earlier i think girls expect more than guys. A guy & girl both expect love. But i think a girl expect the love in variety of ways. Love, trust & expectations.. all three are closely interconnected to each other. Love comes with trust & expectations. There can be trust without love. But if there is no trust then no point in that love. Trust plays a major role in love or any kind of relationships. Even a tiny scratch to the trust can reduce the stability of the relationship. It can be wrong. But that is what i personally think. Love & Trust together start to expect. When the time these expectations are not are getting fulfilled only conflicts arising. 

For everything it is better to have a good communication & always share the likes, dislikes. It will help to reduce many problems. And also at times it is better to expect less from any one :)


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