Wednesday, July 13, 2011

One of the Biggest Cheater

If i put a open question "Who is the biggest cheater?" every one will come up with different answers.It can be vary person to person. But every one has a biggest cheater inside us. 

I would say the biggest cheater is our mind. While being with us it cheats several times. If we really need something or like something then our mind start to react in that way. it will give favorable options as our wish. Though something is good and if we don't like it then our mind will give hundreds of fake reasons not to go for it.

Most of the times our mind knows whats correct what is wrong. Same time it knows our likes and dislikes. In that cases in react as per our likes and dislikes. It ignores what is correct. Our mind will tend to make the correct as wrong & wrong as right. 

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