Monday, July 18, 2011

Some of The Great Values to Admire.


In other words can say speaking truth or sincere. As humans non of us are perfect. There are times all of us lie. If we call a person as honest it does not mean he/she has never lied. Most of the time being truthful especially with there loved once. There are few friends(guys) of mine who love their mother a lot. Most of the time they listen whatever their mother tells & have told me several times mom is my life.But they smoke without the knowledge of their mother. I always had a question with them if you love a person that much how can you tell such a lie. There are few who does the same with their girl friend/wife as well.(This applicable to trust as well.)


you can never take & get the trust. Its fully based on the actions. Trust should come to a person based on our actions. Its is not easy to build the trust. But a small scratch to that trust can destroy the whole thing.Trust, honest & love closely interconnected to each other. If we love a person we trust them. Love also  occurs based on some trust. If so we expect them to be honest. Personally i value & admire the trust(honesty) more than anything. A person can show love. But hardly a person can be truthful & be honest. As i said earlier as human non of us are perfect. But it is very important to be loyal to our loved once. Because they trust us. We can be wrong. we would have done a big mistake. But always it is better to tell the truth. If a person who really loves us will understand & forgive our mistakes. Any way it is better to be hatred for what you are than showing a false picture & being loved. The same example which i said for honest goes with here as well. They may love their mom, fiancee or wife. But inside they are breaking the trust. If they get to know that this person smoking without their knowledge what will happen to the trust which they had on them? How it might hurt them. If we break the trust once i do not think the same person will trust us anymore on the same way. Always there will be question mark. Even if it is a big mistake if you tell the trust then  can be happy by thinking "at least this person has told the trust without hiding".


Love closely interconnected with the two which i stated above. Love comes with expectations. If we love a person then we will expect something from them. Mainly the trust/honest. If it is not happening then there will be problems. Also love needs a good understanding & some sort of sacrifice. Love should be shown by actions more than words. Only the expressions does not make a perfect love. What we express should be felt by other person with our actions. We cannot define a way this is how love should be shown. There are some minor things which makes a person happy and indicates the love.This vary person to person. Love & caring does not have a time to show. It should indicate that "i always have time to love & care about you". It is not possible to be with the loved one always. Same time it does not mean that you need not think or care about them when you are busy or when you are with others. A simple word/actions can make a big difference.


Patience is a good strength and very important in life. Patience can solve many problems smoothly than being hot tempered. Also it is unpleasant to see when a person shouting. But it gives a pleasant personality to a person who has patience & handles all smoothly with a smile. 


In any kind of a relationship communication is very important. It can be personal or work related. Every individual needs to be a good listener always. If there is a proper communication there will not be any problems. Proper communication can solve any problems. Always the communication should be done by the people who have problems or who need it. But there are people who do not talk with the relevant person and they will tell their problem to all the third parties & get their opinion. I do not see it as a good way. It can increase the problem most of the time. Any problem can be solved if there is a proper communication. For this we needs to be a good listener as well.

Be who you are

There are people who change their self according to circumstances. (I am not talking about the flexibility here). It is very important to be our self always. We do not need to get an attention by being fake. There is a good saying "It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for wt you are not".


  1. Do you believe in, "Truth should always be told"?

    I dont.

  2. Yes i do. always it is not possible. But i always expect whoever close to me should be honest with me. i also do the same. I like when they share all with me :)

  3. There are truths that can bring harm to good people, benefit to bad people.

    Again, there are so many truths about past, which can ruin present if they come on screen.

    Truth should be told, but not always.

  4. I agree with you. some truths about the past can ruin the present. But by hiding if they come on screen oneday more probs than that. I always think who loves you by knowing all the truth as the way we are is better... Just my thought.