Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Love at first sight

There is no one specific definition for love. Every one will define it in various ways. As humans all of us need love for a happy life. First of all we experience the love of our parents and then  siblings, relatives, friends and so on. We get loved by various people in our life.

In that, the role of soul mate plays a huge part in life. After marriage the husband & wife becomes one. Two souls combines together. It is the very stable relationship in our life. Until the death we are going to live & share the whole life with our spouse. In that case selecting the life partner is not easy. To live a happy & a peaceful life there should be a very good understanding in between each other. Without getting to know a person fully, can never rely on that person. 

We can see lot of first sight love. I am not saying all the first sight love are unsuccessful or fake. There are successful & true once as well. But what i think is the first time if we see a person it cannot be true love, it is infatuation or just a opposite sex attraction. Obviously it is because of the look of the other person. At the first sight we cannot see the personality. 

In my point of view true love does not require the look. If the person is good & true then what else needed?

The success of first sight love also depends on the understanding of each other. 


  1. First site love obviously an opposite sex attraction only. Cos how can we fall to a person that we don't know? And from my point of view it cannot be success also. The first site attraction can be developed to a love relationship, but attraction to each other cannot be defined as love, that's only an attraction. :)

  2. Well sis, I think its a backtrack comment on a recent love.

    I mean, if there is a successful couple and you ask them how did all these started then S/He can reply that this was love at first sight.

    Obviously, when we first see an opposite sex, we get some attractions in some cases and feel like, Oh God, if S/He could be mine. Then else things begins sometimes, sometimes not. Well if it begins, then sometimes it turns to ok, sometimes "Please God, take out of this ..... relation".

    I agree with you and the first commenter, that love at first sight is only an attraction, but who knows, it may be that for what we are here on this earth.

    When love is controled or judged, life can be happy but still its not LOVE then anymore.

  3. @Vino - Yes da.. true.i agree with you. The attraction can never be defined as love. :)

    @ Tanmay - yes bro. but what i tell is with the attraction we can never trust we will be having good understanding. As u also said there are successful couple with the 1st sight love. but in that case they might have a very good understanding :)