Saturday, August 27, 2011

Its Saturday but a blank day

Already i have mentioned in one of my previous blog i have a problem in finding the topics to write. Most of the time when i think to write something i go blank. Now also same. So just thought a write about today. But i have nothing to write about today because i did not do anything for the whole day. Most of the time i spent in my bed.

After work reached my place early morning and then next step is internet as usual. Since no chatting today was watching song for sometimes & went to bed. Again wake up around 2.30pm and did not felt hungry and also lazy to go out to buy food. Had some biscuits & then again to bed with my teddies. 

After that could not sleep. But just been in bed till about 5.30 and then had a bath & went to church. After dinner now again in internet until go to bed.

This is how may Saturday went on.......:)


  1. I did not sleep yesterday. At early morning my dad went out for our village house. After he left I went to bed at about 7.30 AM and woke up around 12.30 PM. Then bath, meal and then internet. At evening after Iftar I went to market for changing a pant what I mom bought for me at morning, from there I went to another market and met some of my friends. From there I went to City Corporation Building and sat by road for an hour with one of my friends. We talked about lot of things and had good time. From there came near to my house and met another friend, then we three talked for some while and then returned to my home. Its a 9 day vacation going here for Eid and other purposes. Enjoying the vacation though I am bored with this and waiting for the campus to start.

    By the way sis, what do you do, I mean your profession??

  2. Hey from all what you have mentioned i liked that u have sat on the road & spoke to a friend. me too like to do it. But haven't got a chance & also its bit impossible for a girl :)

    My field was commerce. did my studies in management. r u in IT or engineering?

  3. Yeah, situations are quite same here and there. Its not a problem for girls at daytime here, but after 8.00PM, yes it is.

    Management. And what are you doing now, I mean, your job at office.

    I am studying Computer Science and Engineering. Don't know whats gonna be next.

    Will you mind writing a post about the social conditions of youths there in Sri Lanka. Like, their education ratio, there lifestyle, views, attitude, constraints etc.

  4. I am working for a outsourcing company & doing something which is totally opposite to what i studied.. something medical transcription.

    Ya sure. will try to write about it soon.