Monday, May 9, 2011

Some of the Interesting Matters

  • Spend some time alone.
  •  Just being in bed & refreshing some happy moments or thinking about something which we like.
  •  Spending time with a loving person in a lonely place.
  •  Candle light dinner.
  •  Some happy incident happening unexpectedly.
  •  Getting appreciation from a person whom we like, even for a small matter.
  •  Being in the beach late night.
  •  Walking in the forest with a friend’s gang.
  •  Having ice cream in the rain.
  •  Playing & getting wet in the heavy rain.
  •  Being alone in a room with lot of big teddies & balloons.
  •  When thinking about something can hear a related song.
  •  Unexpectedly some good thing happens or a pleasant surprise.
  •  Meeting a loving person in an unexpected circumstance.
  •  Looking at the sky alone or with a close one person, morning or evening...Sun rise, sun set, birds flying, etc……


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