Sunday, May 15, 2011

Relationship between parents & Kids

Nowadays with the busy life people do not have a good communication even with their families. Parents busy with their work & children’s buys with their work.. school, tuition, then again study. After that with tired all go to sleep. Then again morning rush to work and school. This is the routine in most of the families.

I think Parents should be as friends with their kids. Then only their children’s do not feel any fear to share any matters. Too much freedom & too much restriction both can ruin the kids in the wrong path. But kids should be given freedom. If no freedom it will make them to lie & to find freedom anyhow.

For me than my all friends or any one normally I used to share everything with my mom & sister. Though I am away from them they know everything what I’m doing. For me my parents have given me all the freedom. No restrictions. Normally I do not be forced for anything. (This may be one of the main reason  I do not like that if any one force me to do anything.  Coz from small age I used to be free). By the same time they have a good trust on me.  Since they have given me all the freedom & no much restriction I never feel to lie my mother or break that trust what they have on me.

I believe that is a very good thing. This will make a person away from going in wrong path. Meantime there are people who misuse the freedom what they get. But most of the time if we feel a true love, care & trust on sometime we never feel to break that trust or hurt them. It will make us feel guilty even for a very small lie. 


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