Monday, May 9, 2011

Memories play a confusing role. They make u laugh when u remember the time u cried 2gether. But make u cry when u remember the time u laughed 2gether

If we Just read, this is just a quote. But this consists a very good reality & a meaning. I am sure every one of us experienced this in life. This can be with friends, parents, girlfriend/boyfriend, spouse or even with a nature. Most of the times when we are together we do not realize or feel the value of anything. After leaving only we start to miss more.

I have experienced this many time & also i am sure even in the future i will. If we really fond of something or if we love a person, anyone will like to be surrounding it/him/her. But in life it is not possible & also mostly we don't get what we really want. Just for an example if we take friends, mostly of the time might to leave good friends soon for some reason. all the cheating & cunning people only will be surrounding forever.

If i asked i am sure most of the people will tell mostly they miss their school life. 99% of the people miss their school life. ( i don't know coz of what reason why i am not in to that 99 %. Still i can remember almost every one was crying on the last day of school & i was happy thinking no need to go to school any more ). 

Each & every single creature have their own happiness & sadness. We used to share our happiness & sadness with someone whom we close. But mostly every Human might have some secret feeling inside their heart without disclosing to anyone. It can only be a sweet or a bitter memory to that particular individual. 

Some people very hardly disclose both the happiness & sadness. They like to enjoy or suffer on their own. Some they disclose both the feeling. 

In my case if i feel happy i used to tell whom i share normally my matters or to the relevant person whom made me happy. But i used to share very hardly the sadness. Most of the times i used to keep the sadness with me. Personally i feel in some cases if u try to share the sadness it will give u more suffering. when a person asked about it i feel more sad. Also a person who really understood about us will easily identify if  we are in sad or upset. Any way those feeling varies person to person. some they do feel relieve when they put of all their worries.

Good or bad only the memories will last forever with us & no one can rule over on our memories.


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