Monday, May 9, 2011


All the creatures have choices in life. All the things we do are depend on a choice. We have got a life. By knowingly or unknowingly we all make it our life according to our choice. I can say all our life is filled with choices. Sometimes we have to do few things for someone else. That can be our parents/siblings/ spouse/ friends whoever. In that case still someone else choice has an influence on us & us also willingly or unwillingly accepting that choice.

From birth to death all happening according to a choice. When the time mother gives birth to a child and till die its same. As soon as a kid born why before itself parents deciding this is how I’m going to look after my kid, this is how kid has to grow, etc… after that deciding where to educate the kid. This all depends on the parent’s choice. 

When the child starts to grow up gradually it starts to make their own choice. Food wise, dress wise, when selecting friends, etc.

After grown up for a certain age we use to make our own choices most of the time. Even if we take a classroom all are not friend for an individual. One person’s good friend may be a hated person for another. There we select our own friends according to our choice. Then selecting which stream we are going to continue our higher studies or job or whatever. This is another choice what we make. After that some used to select their life partner. This is another choice. According the particular choice he/she may selecting their life partner. Some waiting till the parents arrange a marriage & give. That’s their choice. Some of others think we shouldn’t marry & we have to be single forever. That’s their choice.

Likewise after that also all depends on our choice only. I may not like another once life’s style. But I cannot say anything for it. Because the way I am living is my choice & it can be his/her choice. 

Few examples for choice. 

  • In a table we have variety of foods. I pick up one & eat. My next person may take another variety. It’s his/her choice. 
  • I am receiving a call or a text. It’s my choice to answer or reply. 
  • There can be a gang of friends who takes drinks. In that there can be one or two teetotalers. That’s their choice to drink or not. 
Likewise our whole life depends on our choice. But do people accept it in all cases…..???

Most of the times when the individual’s choice faces a problem or when it goes wrong most of the people try to pass the ball to the other. We can get so many reasons in such cases. For example… coz of this person only I did so, they forced me to do so, since other person will think bad or get hurt I did so, if I do so other person may think bad… etc… In that case the best option is before selecting your choice consider about all matters and make the choice.

Do those are the real reasons?? Yes in some cases there are few unavoidable things can happen. But most of the times, to not get blames people develop a reason. It’s your own choice. So good or bad at last have to accept what you did. If it’s wrong you can correct it in the future. If you have forced to do something and when it goes wrong you can point at the other. 

But in real most of the people they make their own choice & when it goes wrong only pointing the other. If good happens they like to propagate about it. 
Always we cannot say our choice will be accurate. As humans all go wrong one day. No one is perfect. But what you have to do is accept the truth and learn from the mistakes. That will help for a better future.


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