Monday, May 9, 2011

Auspicious Time

Most of the Sri Lankans have faith on this auspicious time. When we take the new year, on that day most of the activities are done according to the auspicious time. Not only on the new year day; there are many things mostly happen according to the auspicious time. such as moving to a new house, keeping name for babies, wedding etc, etc.

How far we can keep faith on this auspicious time??? what’s the proof that all will happen good if we start or do with this auspicious time??? For example when come to a marriage most of the Sri Lankan parents looking for brides & grooms horoscope for match making. After if horoscope is fine then the auspicious time for wedding. But all the marriage which happening so do succeeds??? How many people living happily without looking non of them.

According to me all depends on our mind set. If we believe on these auspicious time & say if something happens just… we itself have a inner feeling of badness. We may think this may go wrong or it won’t happen properly. We may think if we didn’t do this on the auspicious time this will not happen good. That inner feeling itself can make the incident to turn in a negative way.

Every day is good. Every time is good. There is nothing good or bad on not. All rely on our thinking and mind set only. Why to separate the time as good or bad???? Is time can do anything. Time not managing the person. Its just fixed. People only managing the time. Likewise within the society people itself created an auspicious time. 

There is one world. Same 365 days per year. same 7 days per week. Same 24 hours per day. But people to people how we differentiate this timing & days. some used to think its not good to start something on the particular day. for another it may be the auspicious time.

If we look @ in one sight all the time is same. According to me good or bad whatever… it depends on our mind set & our behavior only. Is anything happen negatively we have to think for a alternative & have to find the ways to correct it without putting the blame on the time or day.


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