Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Mass

Today morning I went to church at kandy – Getambe parish. Today church celebrated the mothers day. That was happened in a very nice way.

The reason for me to write about it here is the end of the mass. At the end of the mass priest requested all the mothers to come to front-alter.  After that he requested the children’s to come and stand facing their mothers face. After that he wanted to tell the below verses by the children looking at the eyes of their mother & then to wish & worship them.
“Mother, you mean a lot to me. You were in all my happiness, sadness & pains. Thanks a lot for everything and I will be there for you always. I love u a lot mother”

Unfortunately I did not go with my mom today. So I was just looking at others. Though I did not go with my mom it was a very touching moment. There was tearing in both mother & children’s eyes.

Some can see this as a foolish thing & can ask what the purpose is. Mostly we all love & respect our mom. But we never express it directly. When we express so by looking at the eyes it might make a huge happiness to the mother. Mom does not expect any return for all what she does. But when we express our love & the value on her it may make her proud & happy. I saw that happiness in their faces. After those words many were crying by hugging their son/daughter.

Than un expressing love expressing love is better. Not only to mother to whoever we love it is better to express the love & value them at least once in a way. Also appreciating the good things which is done by others will tend to increase the bond & love much more.