Friday, May 20, 2011


Beauty is the first thing which can catch up a persons eye. When we see a beautiful thing we used to express it with several words such as "pretty, cute, beautiful, awesome, gorgeous" etc, etc...

Every individual like to be beautiful & all have their own beauty. Beauty can differ to person to person. It depends on the way how a person seeing it. Some times we used to like something because of the beauty & also if we like something that is always beautiful for us.

Most of time time we use to look the external beauty of the person. People get attracted towards the appearance. Rarely look in to inner beauty of the person. In the society there are lot of people who is not beauty by face. But they beautiful than some people who is beautiful only by looks.

A person who is beautiful by heart is thousand time better than a person who is only nice by looks. Beauty can shade away. But a pure heart will remain the same forever. Rarely can see people who has both.

Apart from appearance some of the beautiful things/persons which/whom i see;

  • A helping heart
  • Who can treat every one only with the category of "HUMAN", without separating by race, religion, cast, poor, status, etc..
  • Who can appreciate & value even a minor thing.
  • Who can see a beauty even in a rain drop.
  • Trustworthiness & understanding.
  • When the whole world misunderstands you & treating badly, a true loving & caring heart which can see your value & be with you.
  • Who forgets the bitter memories or mistakes & value or remember the good things which received by him/her forever.
Likewise there are so many things which can be attracted from a person. 



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