Sunday, May 22, 2011

One of my favorite movie character

While watching movies we can come across so many interesting characters which we like. In those some we will forget after few days. But some characters which will be in our mind always.

Today i thought to write about one of that kind of character which i like always. I think i watched this movie almost 10 years back. I have watched so many movies after that. But still from the day i watched that movie i used to like that particular character. This will not change.

This is non other than the character which is played by Ajay Devgan as "Vanjaj" in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. I'm sure in reality there will be very very less people like that. may be we can count if there is.

What is there that much in that character? If we just see the movie & the character its one of the same love story with a sort of same ending which all the movies have. But if we go deep in to "Vanraj" character, can see the difference in that.

I will just write here the summary of the Ajay Devgan's character. In that he will get marry to Ishwarya Rai by a proposal. But he used to like her a lot. After marriage only he will get to know that she had an affair before & still she is loving & thinking about him & not Ajay. He is getting to know that Ish is not happy with him & she is married him because of her parents forced. Since that he is deciding to find & make together Ish & her boyfriend who is already left india & went to Italy coz of the Ish's family request.

Ajay's father knows he is loving Ish. After getting to know the decision of Ajay that dad don't scold like others. he will tell one word. "So far you used to loose all your cases (Ajay is a lawyer in that). But you have won your life. I am really proud of you"

He was bearing all the pains & troubles because of his loving wife. There is a saying "If someone really loves you, they will give priority to your happiness than their happiness". What Ajay Devgan does is exactly what was stated in that saying. Though he love Ish a lot he do not want to keep her if she is not happy. That is why he is trying to find & give her happiness. He thinks only about her happiness. Not about him. Untill the last moment what ever Ajay does Ish does not realize the value of it. But he does all without expecting a return for him.

One of the very difficult thing is letting to go the person whom we really love. But he is doing that. In that also the highlight is after marriage. He does not think about his future. He needs only his wife to be happy. He is trying to seek happiness on her.

I have attached a link here which shows his patience.

This is my all time favorite character in the screen. I wished to see that sort of people in the reality as well.


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