Saturday, May 14, 2011

What makes a good relationship?

What is a relationship? A relationship is the interactions or bond between two or more people, things, animals or places. All the creatures have some kind of relationships. But all relationships cannot be a good one.  For a good relationship to exist there should be some characteristics.

These days breaking of relationships becoming an usual thing. Rarely can see people have true & understanding relationships. The main reason for it is less  bond between the people.

If we take a family there is no good relationships between father, mother & children. Same with friends, couples, colleagues, etc.  

What can break relationships?

  • I would say the main reason is no proper understanding. People becoming selfish day by day. We forget to think about others & their feelings. Always trying to Influence on others, on behalf of our happiness & benefit. 

  • As per me next major thing is, telling faults about one to another. Nobody is perfect & all are not same. All have their own likes and dislikes. But what people use to do is going and telling the faults about one person to another. This habit we can mainly see among friends. If there is three friends two used to talks about the faults & bad about the other friend when he/she not there.  Such things cannot happen between good friends. If anyone sees a wrong about a person they can tell directly to the relevant person. If they accept they will correct it. Somebody has told someday “if u wanna praise a person you can praise amount hundreds. But if you wanna tell a wrong or mistake about a person tell only to him/her”. What a good statement is that. This suits the management people @ offices as well. There are people who used to scold in front of all. But they will never tell good about a person whatever they do. Even if they tell it will come in a mail with just one word “good work”.  Some thinking scolding in front of all can increase their reputation. They do not think how it will make others feel & hurt.
  • No patience & quick anger – There should be patience. One word which comes out from the mouth with anger can ruin the lifetime relationship.
  • Cheating – There are so many cheaters in the society. If someone trust us fully & if we break their trust in any way it’s obvious that they cannot trust us as previous.
  • Fake behaviors – There are people who used to tell what they don’t have as they have, bluffing & lies.

Likewise so many activities can break a relationship. What ever happen in this world always there will be good relationships & good people. But one of the very difficult thing is identifying those good people among bad!!!


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