Saturday, May 14, 2011

Silent Killers

There is a common saying all the five fingers in hand are not same. Likewise all the people are not same. Everyone is different from other. Some used to keep very quiet. Some talks a lot. Another few talks all the wanted, unwanted & whatever comes to their mind.  Which type of people more trustable? My person opinion & experience is people who talk anything frankly are more trustable than the people who keep quiet.

Some people seem to be very quiet & innocent. But mostly that sort of people are the one who is very cunning in their mind. They notice everything & keep quiet. Mostly the people who talks lot & talk anything frankly don’t keep anything mind. Just put things out & clean in mind. Can trust that type of behaviors.

Also I have noticed one more thing from the people who keeps very quiet. If they get close to someone mostly they try to influence on them a lot. They wanted them to be listen always.  Trying to influence most of the other person’s activities. It might annoy the other. But they don’t understand it.

Just for a note: All the silent people are not bad. There are really innocent people too. Same way all the frank people are not good. Just the majority & what I felt from the people whom I met so far.