Wednesday, May 11, 2011


This is a general social topic. But some peoples major purpose of marriage is dowry.

We can never assure a person who is marring for the dowry has true true. True love never needs money, beauty, status, etc..True love needs only good, loving, caring & trust worthy heart.

When go to look for a bride though they like the bride how many people used to reject the bride if she does not have enough dowry as their expectation.

Always cannot blame the guys. All are not same. Most of the cases a girl don't like to give dowry when the time of her marriage. But later when the time comes to their son's marriage the same lady only will be requesting dowry initially from another girl. This is hoe people change. They do not like to give. But they want to get all from others.

Such people think only money is life & money is important. They trying to measure love also with money. But in this world always there will be true love some where in some corner!!!


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