Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happiness & sadness

Fundamental two feeling which all can experience from a kid to elder is happiness & sadness. We can never count how many times we were happy & how many times we were sad in our life time. Within a single day both feelings can rotate time to time.

If we see a small baby suddenly they will cry. As soon as we gave something to play or show something next second they will smile. We also do the same. But the difference is a small kid will show the sadness with tears always. As adults we always don’t show the sadness with tears. For both happiness & sadness sometimes we will respond with a smile. Only our own mind knew the feeling which we are at that particular moment.

The moments of sadness & happiness may differ to person to person. Something which makes me a smile can put a sad face on another. Each & every moments in life is like a toss. Always has both sides. If I get the head for the next person tail is sure. Both cannot have head. Similar to that when a person feeling happy, for the same reason next person can feel sad. A good example is a match. While the team which I support winning I will be happy. Same time someone else will be sad since that the team which he/she supported lost.

We can never say only a major thing can make happiness. Even a small thing can make happy & put a smile on our face. Sometimes it can be nature or a person. Early morning with the silence a sound of the bird can makes a person happy. A face of a person whom we like can makes happy.

Sometimes while we are being happy, on the next second a small word which comes from the other person can totally change our mood. Sometimes we feel happy or sad for no reason. I don’t know whether all feel that. But I do. Sometimes can feel sadness. But even I cannot figure it out what made me to be sad. Nothing would have happened. But just some minor thing will make to feel so. Those are not permanent sadness. Just for a small period.

Mostly we don’t feel anything or don’t show any reaction when a person whom we don’t like much or care tells something. But even a single word which comes from the once whom we really like & care can make a big change.  It can make us very happy, same time makes sad. Sometimes they would not have told anything about us. But still some matter can make us sad. I would say that is because we expect something from them.
Any way that is life. 

There is a saying “Mind is like a monkey”.  That is true. We cannot assure what time how the mind will be……. !


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