Monday, May 9, 2011

Abortion is illegal or can be legalized.

 I cannot say abortion is a good unless if you found out the baby is disable or with some problems. It’s a sort of killing. But on the other way do a person don’t have the right to do an abortion if she don’t want the baby @ that time. Anyone can ask me, If they don’t want a baby @ that time why they did not think about it befor…. true.. But there can be unavoidable situations can happen. Most of the times people used to think after something taken place only. 

In that case if they really don’t want the baby it’s better to do a abortion. Even though now abortion is illegal we cannot ever say there are no abortions taking places. In every where there are lots of abortions happening. Since it’s not illegal people used to go to untrustworthy person to do it. There is a risk for the mother’s life as well. 

If it is legalized they don’t want to go for the untrustworthy persons. Can go to a qualified doctor. Then the mother also safe. When they go to a doctor he/she can advice them not to do so if there is a real reason. Some people can change their mind & listen. But can’t say all will respect the advice. 

If a lady gives birth to a kid without willingly, what’s the assurance that she will look after the baby properly. Nowadays how many mothers killing their own kids & just throwing their own kid in the road as a garbage………When we listen to the news we can hear plenty of incident like that. All because they don’t like their kid & they don’t want it. In that case the kid also has to suffer. Than that it better to do abortion legally. Then less risk for mother & just a kid also no need to suffer. 

Even though it’s illegal the people who want to do an abortion any how they will do it. Than that it’s better to legalize. Then @least can minimize the risk level of the mother’s life & the left out kid’s level 


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