Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mercy Killing can be legalized?

Mercy killing implies the intentional termination of life by another at the explicit request of the person who wishes to die. This is an act of killing an incurable person out of concern & compassion.  As far as I have heard mercy killing is legalized for about 10 countries including Netherland, Switzerland & Norway.

Generally if we see killing is a bad thing & a big sin. But if we go through the depth of mercy killing cannot see a bad in that. It is a good thing. Mercy killing does not mean all the people who are ill should be killed or all the ill people who wish die should be killed.

This can be accepted under few circumstances.
  •   All possible ways to avoid the pain & to cure the illness have been attempted but are useless.       
  • The patient really cannot handle the pain & suffering.   
  •  The patient is near his/her death or end.  
  • The patient has unendurable pain.
  • Than all with the CONSENT of the patient.
When we see a person who suffers a lot when all the medicines are not worked, we used to say it’s better to die than suffering. That time we use the word die not because of angry with that person. That is indeed because of the sympathy we have on them & we cannot see the way they suffer.  In that case I think mercy killing should be acceptable.

No one will like to see the death of their loving people even though they suffer. But only a person who is undergoing a severe pain will understand the suffering. Can see some patients screaming as that they want to die because of the undergoing suffering. Though it is very sad & hurtful it is better to legalize mercy killing in that type of circumstances.

We do not want to see our loved once death. It is reallyyyyyyyyyy hurtful. But the same time we cannot see when our loved once suffering. It’s more painful than dying. The patient might be suffering with body pain. Same time there family & the beloved will be suffering by looking at the way they suffer.

I am sure whoever accepts it, in Asians countries this will not be legalized in the near future. It might happen one day. But after so many years. Though there are so many murders happening in Asians countries I don’t think they will accept mercy killing. Our people are good in killing a living person in various ways. But they will never accept mercy killing kind of matters.

Why do we go so far for mercy killing…. These are the people who tells should not kill mosquitoes though they kill a person while they are living!!!

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  1. Mercy killing is authentically legalized in some part of the world. For the reason that in ends the difficulty of the patient and lessen the time, effort and money that is being spent. But there are still cases that it prohibited, the decision is still based on the patient's keen, whether they will approved it or not. In Los Angeles, the los angeles wrongful death attorneys can help you decide with this matter by providing you all the information you needed, that's why they are often called on when consent signing is being asked.