Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Men Vs Animal Vs Plant

We think only human have sadness & happiness & all the pain. But then what about the plants & animals.. Only thing is we can speak. so we can express all our feeling. Animals can express their feelings by making sound. But then what about plants???? If they can speak how many happiness & sorrows they might have.....

Sometimes i used to think when a pluck a flower from a tree how that tree or other flowers will feel if they can really feel so. It will be like someone separating a kid from a mother right...

Most of us including me we are eating meat. When a see a whole chicken i feel sad by thinking how much it would have been suffered when killing. but when eating i forget all & enjoy the taste.

If the plants & animals have the power to attach back ( except some animals ) i am sure all of them will together destroy the whole human.


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