Saturday, March 30, 2013

Managerial Skills and who can be a good leader

What is managerial skills?

The ability to make business decisions and lead subordinates within the company. Three most common skills include

  1. Human Skills - The ability to interact and motivate.
  2. Technical skills - The knowledge and proficiency in the business and how to perform.
  3. Conceptual skills - The ability to understand concepts, develop ideas and implement strategies. 
Above will be the simple answer and definition for the managerial skills.

Now we will see the meaning of those.

Human Relationship Skills

As per my knowledge human skill is the utmost skill out of all. This will also be called as interpersonal skills. Basically it is an ability to work with people and how you manage them. It helps the manager/leader to understand, communicate, get new ideas and work with colleagues smoothly. Also helps the managers to lead, motivate and develop the team sprite. A good team sprite plays a crucial role in the company growth and success. Human relationship skills are required by all the level of management. A manager can be well talented in education wise. But still he cannot achieve what he wanted without good human relationship skills. he should know how to talk to fellow members, how to motivate them, How to appreciate them, etc...

Conceptual Skills

It is the ability to see the organization as a whole. It includes analytical, creative and initiative skills. It helps the manager to identify the root cause of the problem and solve the problem for the success of the entire organization based on the situation.

Technical Skills

Technical skill is the ability to perform the given job. It helps the managers to use different machine and tools.Also it helps to use various procedures and techniques. Lower level management required more technical skills because they are in charge of the day to day operations.

Above are the 3 basic skills and we can include the rest also in the above skills. But if we look individually there are some more we can categorize. Which are good communication skills, Administrative skills, problem solving skills, Decision making skills etc...


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