Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gossiping Vs Men

Normally Gossiping is a most interconnected word with woman. From long time in the society normally everyone believe (I would say everyone tells) that Woman are the once who gossip always. People say putting something in the notice board and telling to a woman both are same …

But I do not agree with this. I never say woman do not gossip. We do. As human we all have a habit of gossiping. I believe no one is excluded in that. (If someone saying I never gossip that is a utter lie)

But if we take in general everyone say mostly woman only gossip and guys do not gossip much. I will never ever agree with this. As far as I know and as far as I have seen mostly gossiping people is men. Also generally woman talks about others clothes or beauty. (I am not saying we do not speak about other matters. But mostly). But men they always gossip about some serious matters about others. (Mostly something related to others life).  It is not in one country. In general almost everyone is same.  Also it is not only the people who lives in urban areas or uneducated people. Well educated people also do the same. Specially in the offices you can see lot of this type of human behaviors.

It is not every men or woman. But if we see the majorities I will thoroughly say it is who gossip most are the men not woman.


  1. Hahaha...can't agree sis, GOSSIPING is one of those activities of women that they can't resist, even they want or not. You are the first one who directly indicating that the majority is MEN. It can't be. Man, never want to share personal life info with another man, though there could be so many so interesting things to ask. Women obviously fail here. They like to share and hear with and from other women. Even if a woman is not wanting to share, they know how to make her share. Men won't do this.

  2. Here i also cannot agree with you bro .. hahaha for the people i have met sofar majority who gossip is men.. Sometimes the way they gossip annoyed me.. if i meet you one day will show you enough of that type of people :)