Friday, March 29, 2013

Do you prefer to eat an Ice cream in the mid night?

Now time is almost 12 am and is cold too. I just finished enjoying an ice cream. For some people it might sound ridiculous when I say I had an ice cream in the mid night. But I hope most of the Ice cream lovers will agree with me. There is a separate feeling when you have ice cream in the mid night when there is a cold climate too. Rather I would say there is a kick.

Mostly everyone will remember ice cream on sunny days. But I prefer always J.The person who discovered ice cream should be awarded.

Though we can enjoy the taste of ice cream any time, below I have stated some occasions which ice cream can add an extra value.

v  In a silence place while going for a walk with someone special ( Ice cream cone could be most suitable in this situation )

v  On a rainy time it is nice to eat while getting wet ( Specially when drizzling )

v  When you feel very tired and not interested in any food.

v  In the beach  ( Specially after having a candle light dinner)

v  Last and simply anytime….

There is place in Dubai (Cold Stone) where they serve ice cream in a very attractive manner.I admire the way they serve.  Please check out the below link for more information.


  1. First of all, this template of your blog is much better than the previous one, neat and clean.

    Secondly, sis, please tell the way to add the advertisements to my blog?

    Thirdly, Ice cream is cool sis, anytime, any place, but I have no addiction to it. I mean, if I have one, then that's cool, and If I haven't one, its still cool.

  2. Thank you very much. mostly than guys girls only addicted for ice cream na...:)