Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pope Francis - Holy Thursday Celebration

This is the first Holy Thursday for Pope Francis after he elected as Pope. As most of you all aware last Thursday was Holy Thursday and  the pope Francis washed the feet of 12 young offenders including two girls and two Muslims at a Rome prison.

The Holy Thursday ceremony is usually held in a basilica in the city center and commemorates the gesture of humility believed to have been performed by Jesus Christ before his death to his 12 disciples at their last meal.Popes performing the ritual have usually washed the feet of priests.Catholic traditionalists are likely to be riled by the inclusion of women because all of Jesus' disciples were male.

The pope knelt down, washing and kissing the young prisoners' feet in the first Holy Thursday ceremony of its kind performed by a pontiff in prison, and the first to include women and Muslims

Most of the people has appreciated it also some has a fear whether he might one day be willing to open the priesthood to women. ( This is because he washed 2 females feet )

"I do this with all my heart because it is my duty as a priest, as a bishop. I have to be at your service. I love doing it because this is what the Lord has taught me," the 76-year-old Pope Francis. 

As per an article in a news paper , this was the first time a pope had washed women's feet, pope Francis had performed this type of ceremony in his native Argentina many times before becoming pope including in jails, hospitals and old people's homes.

My personal view is what he did was awesome. Pope means a catholic leader. First of all he should be an example of other priests. I think Pope Francis is doing that. It is true that Jesus Disciples were male. But it does not mean that Jesus didn't like to have female disciples or we should not include female in holy Thursday rituals. We have to move on.

I am Sure Pope Francis will be an excellent leader and he will do a good service for all the communities. I wish all the very best for him for a good service. All The very best & may God Bless you Pope Francis.


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