Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Do you think God asking to kill people??? (Rizana Nafeek)

Few weeks before one of the most spoken topic in Sri lanka was Rizana Nafeek death. She has been executed to death by Saudi Arabia. I personally disagree with this decision . Here i am not blaming any religion or country. As per my knowledge there cannot be so many God in this world. If there is God & there should be one God. But we see him in different ways & worship him in different names & different ways as per the name of religion.

God is love & Love is God. If we take all the religion the summary is " Do good & do not do Bad. Spread love to every one" But where the love in this case? Where the forgiveness? You cannot justify this by making reasons.

I think if a person doing these kind of things by the name of God then he/she better not to follow God without ruining the name of God.


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