Friday, March 29, 2013

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world"

This is one of the popular sayings by Mahatma Gandhi. When reading such a quotes most of us will say ya its a good one. After that we will forget about it. If thousand people read this do you think out of 1000 how many people will make it to practice.

If every individual start to practice this 99% of the problems in the world will diminish. We do not prefer when other person telling something bad for us or to see a mistake from others.  But how many of us make a time to think whether we are doing the same..... if we see a mistake from others we will feel it as a big mistake. But when we do the same it will look like a small thing. That is the nature. But we should not leave it as it is. 

May be daily we can spend just 2-5 minutes to think what we did not like from others today. Which made us sad or annoyed. Then some incidents will come to our mind. Then the most important part is, afterwards we have to apply those to us and have to see. If something made us angry, annoyed or sad have to think whether have we done the same any day. Of course at least one of those things we would have done for sure anytime. Then we have understand on that day the person whom we did so also would have felt the same.. 

If all the individual start to practice this we will not do mistake by knowingly. When we do a wrong we will have the guilty feeling.

Whoever reading this, if you think this is true and if you liked it please spend few minutes of your precious time ( it can be while traveling, or when in the bed or when in the washroom) to think about own mistakes and to correct it.


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