Monday, March 25, 2013

Change in weekend

As most of you all aware in the middle east the weekend is not Saturday and Sunday. In UAE Mostly it is Friday/ Saturday and some places Thursday and Friday. But most of the private companies give only a day off  (Friday ). Some places one & half day. That half day mostly on Thursdays or on Saturdays. ( Actually you cannot call it is as half day also. Because it is more than a half day. Have to work untill 2.00 Pm).

But if you are working in government sector then your lucky. Definitely  you will get 2 days off. I heard that is also one reason why locals mostly look for jobs in government sector.For me luckily at least i am getting one and half days :) which is Thursday half day and Friday full day. 

When i was in Sri Lanka all the 7 years i worked in private sector. But still i used to get 2 days off. So after i started working in Dubai i find it difficult to manage the things in one day.. still i feel the same. ( Thursday half day, cannot take in to count because after work with the traffic and all when reaching home it is almost 4.00 pm. Only in Friday have to wash clothes, If want to cook something special have to try those, if want to go out that also have to do it on the same day. Because in the weekdays no time to do anything after work other than cooking and eating. ( Sometimes do purchasing the day to day items ). 

If we get used to it it will be ok. I find it more difficult because i am used to 2 days off sofar. At that time oneday if we go out & other day stay home and take rest :) But with the changes we cannot expect everyday the same. Just wanted to share what i feel.

I heard a rumor that Dubai government has going to implement a new rule asking the private sector also to give 2 days off. But i Don't know how reliable it is. Only thing i know is lot of people including me waiting for such a good news :)


  1. Hahaha ... 1 and half day recalled my school days when I had a half day school on Thursday and full day leave on Friday. My company provides 2 days leave on Saturday and Friday, but the sad part is that when we have works to be done in tight schedule we don't get any single leave :-(

  2. ya what to do it is horrible sometimes... Better to start our own business. Then all the effort which we put also for us & also can take leaves :) Haha

  3. Thinking the same way didi, but I need to gather a lot more experience to do this, because running a business in Dhaka means something more than running a business, I know you understand. But I think you and jamaibabu can give that a try, something related photography, choreography etc.

  4. Thanks a lot for the idea bro.. ya we also have a plan.but with the works its not easy.. here with the work no time to do day today things also...