Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Change in Life

After a long time i am writing a blog again. Due to some changes in life i did not get a peaceful & relax time to make a blog.

This is my first blog after i came to Dubai. Hope to continue. Now almost 2 months i am in Dubai. But it is like 2 years. I do not have any problem with the country except the climate ( it is good in these days). But still i miss something even though my husband is with me. I am sure that is my family. Because i am very much attach to them & i am like a pet for them. Really missing them.

In Sri Lanka except the clients mostly we used to work only with Sri Lankan. But here it s mix community. Mostly Indians & Filipino. Most of them are good. So far haven't met much bad people. May be in the future i will.

Another one thing also i miss here a lot. That is the food :) . Most of the restaurants food are not much spicy here ( I prefer & used to eat spicy food). So when ever eating there is no satisfaction. Only thing i am enjoying the chocolates here :D

 Any way it is better to carry on the life with the positive thought of "What ever happens, all are for good"


  1. So you have moved to Dubai !! I heard thats a nice place with people from every corner of the world. However, who actually moved to there, you or Jamaibabu?

    Nice to read something on this blog after a long time...

  2. Hi Ho... after a long time. actually me & Jamaibabu both moved to Dubai. Here in my office there are few peple from bangladesh. i told them about you that i have a ho there :) will message u in FB...

    I will keep in writing in future..