Tuesday, June 12, 2012


FASHION is a term usually used in a synonym for style, beauty, etc. Also something which we deal everyday. Even people who say they don't care what they wear & not interested in fashion, they also choose clothes everyday & up to some extent all deal with fashion.

These days one of the very common word which is mostly used among the people, medias & magazines is fashion. Personally i do not see any wrong in doing fashion (all with a limit & up to an extent). Specially young age is the good time to do fashion. we cannot do the same when we grow older. As humans mostly all like to dress nicely and to be unique. Though fashion is most common among girls its not only for them. Both guys & girls like to do fashion & all like to be look good.

But most of the people with the name of fashion trying to do everything. They do not see whether its suits them or not. Since another one doing they also trying to do the same. if they see something, they also wanna wear or do that. Not thinking whether this suits me or not. Mostly girls are worst in that matter (some trying to be pretty & loosing their natural beauty as well).

Some fashions ( I think those are also fashion) are really unpleasant to see. As i said above nothing wrong in doing fashion or doing what ever we like. Same time it should not make others eyes closed. Nowadays some girls think showing half of their body & dressing is the fashion & posh. Most of the guys they look well such girls & trying to flirt. But when comes to their life partner most of them will look for a decent girl. Any way i am not saying any wrong to guys regarding that.

Are these also fashion????

Don't know in the future what will be fashion...................................


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