Monday, May 21, 2012

Do the right person get the right place in the organizations??

Every single working places have promotions. Most of the employees fight for it. Because mostly every one like high position & high salary. 

Promotion time period is one of the conflicting time period in any organization. Every single person has their own talents, qualifications & expectations.

This time management should have the capabilities to select the right person for the right position. Do this really happening in our organizations?? Do the right person get what they deserve?? Do management make decisions without being partial??

Mostly what happens is the other way. Hardly the right person get the right thing. Most of the time management make partial decisions. In our day to day life we can see there are people who always find faults from others & tell that to the management. By doing that they try to become one of the favorable persons. Most of the times the people who are doing so are the once who has many faults inside them. 

But nowadays most of the company managements do not realize it. All believe verbal power than that quality of work. 

My personal concern is, promotion should not always based on the talent or the qualification of the person. The main thing is the team work & how well a person can handle the human resource. But mostly management concern is about the working capabilities. They fail to see how well they can associate with others & how well they can get the work from everyone with the good HR skills. For this the person should be down to earth.

Most of the people become big headed as soon as they get a promotion. May be they are good in work. But they are not a good team player. They do not know to motivate the fellow employees & to maintain  good relationship. A person can think i know everything & i do not need to go to others at any time. But even a chairman of the company may need the help of a normal employee at times. 

Every one should consider this & need to make a friendly working environment where every one can work as one big family. A good team work can achieve many things.


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