Sunday, March 24, 2013

Must place to visit in Dubai - What a beautyyyyy

After long time i have visited such a  very nice & beautiful place which is full of mind blowing flowers. What a beauty. I have no words to explain the beauty. That so called beautiful place in Dubai miracle garden which is open on Feb 14th 2013.

I got to know about this place while i was reading the khaleej times epaper. There were some photos attached to that article. After seeing that i could not wait until i visit the place. Luckily on the other day was a holiday & i was able to go & visit the place. From the entrance to end all the places are beautiful. No choice to take a photo. Because you feel like wanna take photos every where. We didn't even a leave a single place without talking a photo :). For sometimes i feel like i was in heaven. Every where flowers.. flowers.... flowers..

I was so happy that i got to see such a beautiful place which is only full of different color fantastic flowers.

For more information please check the below link.


  1. really what a beautiful it is thanks for sharing i have never seen before.
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