Tuesday, September 26, 2017

What is the Best way to celebrate Birthday

Kids to adult most of the people like to celebrate their birthday, but the way of celebration is totally different from person to person. Some like to have a grand party by inviting all the friends, relative, neighbors,etc. Some just go to the religious place & worship their god, for another few it's just another day. And there are few who like to celebrate the birthday at a elders home or a children's home. 

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Here i am going to talk about kids birthday celebrations at children's home. If you think whats special about it & why i am only talking about it, yes there is a reason. Few days back one such birthday celebration image was getting circulated in social media with mix comments and opinions. Mostly negative comments and i am not going to post that image here. Just for readers information a kid cutting the birthday cake with his/her parents at a children's home & home kids are surrounded by them and watching it. 

Now you might think why negative comments for that and what's wrong in that. Even i thought the same, why people not appreciating it. Can u guess why people are against it. The point what they say is when parents take a kid to celebrate the birthday to a home the kids who stay there get hurt and feel more abandoned.What's your opinion about that.  

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I always liked when parents take their kids to a home & celebrate the birthday. Never thought in this aspect. Though it's a point to think but still i am not against it. because whoever going their for celebration going with a pure heart and with a good purpose. They are not going to hurt them. rather than wasting money on a grand party for the poeple who have everything this is much better. The kids in the home get to experience everything. They might feel sad but at a point they should come over from that feel and should accept the reality.So better without looking the negative in everything let's appreciate the good & good thoughts. 


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