Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Compare yourself only to your previous self

"Compare yourself only to your previous self " which is something i always try to follow and i feel everyone should follow. As a normal human being we have a mixed with good & bad. Some have more good qualities & some got more bad qualities, also also it depends on what is good and bad in our point.

It is hard to see a satisfied and happy person. If we ask are u satisfied in your life, more than 90% of the people will say a big NO. Whats the reason. Because we easily will not get satisfied in any circumstances; major reason for that is we compare ourselves with others. We don't set a bench mark for ourselves. We always try to create a bench mark based on others.

This society also always comparing each person with another. Just say there is two good friends but one person can study well & other can't. From teacher to parents every one try to compare the person whom don't study well with the one who study well. "see your friends studying so well, but why can't you". this comparing starts when we were kids itself. So we growing up by looking at this and we also automatically adopt to that mindset and start to compare ourselves with others.

We should come over from that habit. If we stop comparing our self with others then we can feel relax & peaceful. No more tension. We know this is me & this is i want. I don't care what other person do,this is what i supposed to do. If we fix that in our mind i think we can have a happy & peaceful life. 

And major thing we always should compare our self with our previous self. Day by day we are growing not only by age, we are growing with experience and knowledge as well. Every one have flaws no one is perfect. But we should correct our bad things and we only should take the first step to become a good person.  For that we should analyse how i was & how i am & how i am going to be. If we can correct our past mistakes & takes those as a experience to our future we can have a better life. 

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