Sunday, June 19, 2011

Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, forever to repair...

Trust is one of the most precious word. Everybody live their life based on some trust. No one is living without hopes. Trust is very important in all the relationships. Love is also based on trust.

When a person says trust me, we are not going to trust that person. Trust is totally based on the activities & behaviors of the other person. we build trust on them based on that. As soon as we see a person we cannot trust. We can talk to anyone. I do not see any wrong in talking to people. Because a person who is bad for others can be good for us. If we talk & associate only we will know the real picture of the person. But Always better to keep a limit with whoever we fail to build trust. 

Trust is based on expectations. We do not expect things from all. But if we trust a person we will expect something from them. Thats is what you called trust. When a situation comes, we itself think based on the trust what we built, this person will do so & so. If the person whom we trusted failed to react so, that hurts a lot. 

The trust which we built for a long time can be break by a single word or a small activity. Always we cannot say wrong also. Because all the people are not same & the likes & dislikes are differs to person to person. Since that we forgive them. But i do not think a broken trust can be get it back again on the same way. If a person breaks the trust once then we are not going to trust them in the future as the way we did before. It takes forever to repair. Broken trust creates an incurable wound in the heart!