Dubai Miracle Garden

After long time i have visited such a very nice and beautiful place which is full of mind blowing flowers. What a beauty. I have no words to explain the beauty.

Dubai Miracle Garden

After long time i have visited such a very nice and beautiful place which is full of mind blowing flowers. What a beauty. I have no words to explain the beauty.

Dubai Miracle Garden

After long time i have visited such a very nice and beautiful place which is full of mind blowing flowers. What a beauty. I have no words to explain the beauty.

Dubai Miracle Garden

After long time i have visited such a very nice and beautiful place which is full of mind blowing flowers. What a beauty. I have no words to explain the beauty.

Ice Cream

Now time is almost 12 am and is cold too. I just finished enjoying an ice cream. For some people it might sound ridiculous when I say I had an ice cream in the mid night.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

What goes around will come around

There is a famous saying "what goes around will come around". When some one do a wrong most of the people used to tell this. I do not know the truth in this. But up to some extent i believe in this saying. 

Though some people think that they are perfect as humans non of us are perfect. Every individual has loopholes. Some times we hurt others unknowingly by our words or actions. Cannot help for it. But there are times by knowingly we hurt others or do wrong to others. No remedy for this. If we are purposely doing a wrong to others means then it should be for some of our own benefit or selfishness. One day we will get that return somehow in any way.

I have no idea how far this is practicable. but i have seen some incidents too how people get the return one day. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Its Saturday but a blank day

Already i have mentioned in one of my previous blog i have a problem in finding the topics to write. Most of the time when i think to write something i go blank. Now also same. So just thought a write about today. But i have nothing to write about today because i did not do anything for the whole day. Most of the time i spent in my bed.

After work reached my place early morning and then next step is internet as usual. Since no chatting today was watching song for sometimes & went to bed. Again wake up around 2.30pm and did not felt hungry and also lazy to go out to buy food. Had some biscuits & then again to bed with my teddies. 

After that could not sleep. But just been in bed till about 5.30 and then had a bath & went to church. After dinner now again in internet until go to bed.

This is how may Saturday went on.......:)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sri Lankan University Education System

When some one talking about the university education the first thing which every one asking before the studies "what about the ragging? ". That much the word ragging has been interacted with the university education. When a person enter to the university the first thing which he/she should undergo is ragging. I am not totally against for ragging. Just requesting to sing a song or telling some funny things are acceptable. I can remember still some of those things which i did as sweet memories. But physical ragging is not acceptable. This has taken out some human life's. The main reason which the rangers used to tell is " I have been ragged. So i want the same pain the others also to undergo".  Whoever the person think about others will never tell that word. He/she will think what ever the pain/ troubles they went thorough should not be undergo by others & will try to protect & help others.

Moving towards the education side, my personal opinion is it should change completely. Here specifically i am mentioning about the commerce & management faculty which i studied. Because to comment about other faculty studies i do not have a clear picture about their syllabus or education system. Mostly for Art & commerce & management faculty this is same.   

If we take commerce & management faculty the specialized degree program scheduled for 4 years. As per my knowledge if it is scheduled in a proper way & computerized 2 years more than enough. This 4 years include all the vacations, strikes, etc. When come to higher education i think vacation for nearly a month is not necessary as schools. Also the syllabus should focus more towards the current market & it should change accordingly. 

The people who got the highest marks in their advanced level examination only entering to the university. But with the way some people behave tend to think do they really educated & how they studied. I do not know whether that kind of people always like that or that change after entering to the university. With some people cannot see the professionalism at all. They behave like thugs. But i have seen many people when entering they are good & they come from rural areas. After entering in few months times they completely change. They give the priority to the other junk activities such as politics, fights & not for the education. I used to think many times why this people cannot focused only on studies. Because we enter university to study. Not to do strikes or to fight.

Currently most of the people have a bad impression about the graduates. Cannot tell a wrong about the people who has such impression. Due to the behaviors of some students any one will tend to think so. After completion of degree even if they do not get a job they do picketing. Some companies do not like to hire graduates due to this unprofessional behaviors of some graduates. For this cannot blame the market sector. The Undergraduates/graduates who were part of such cheap behaviors should take the sole responsibility. 

Basically overall the university education system should change. ( But not by introducing military training)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

LOVE.............. Which kind of love is better???

Love is one of the utmost thing every one expect in life and any way its is a sweet feeling. True love will make ease so many problems in life.

Though love is only a four letter word it means a lot & cannot define Exactly this is love. This may differ person to person. The way a person show their love & also how they wanted to be love is not same. This may differ person to person.

Mainly we can categorize the way of love in 2 ways. Some people they always show and express their love. But other half they always do not express much or show off. Always they try to keep on inside. But what my opinion is love needs to be show. I am not telling the love which is not shown are fake or bad. But it is better to be show always. It will make the relationship much more stronger & your loved once more happy.

We feel happy when some one whom we love more tells somethings nice or appreciate even a small matter. Also love should not not be only in words. The main thing it needs to be shown by actions. In Most of the cases before someone going or propose us we may feel that they are in love with their actions. 

My personal opinion is, strong love should consist verbal expression plus actions. It will always increase the bond between the relevant parties. This is not only applicable for lovers or husband/wife. This will make strong any kind of relationship. 

Please see this previous blog which is related to this same topic.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Just a Thought...

Most of the times i wanted to blog something. But i do not come up with a topic what to write. Today also i was in the same mindset and just thought to write about this.

Life never be the same. There are many periods/situations in every individual life. In our day to day life we meet and associate with so many people. When we are small except the family we know very few people. The first step in our life to the social life is, entering the pre-school/school. From that day itself we meet so many friends & new people in our life. Later on work.

If we think for a minute with those people whom we met so far how many we remember and keeping in touch. Time to time we have some close people in our life specially friends. Sometimes we think we never be apart & will be good friends always. But situations will make a separation. In that case what we do? mostly we all think where ever we go/ what ever happens we will be in touch & will be good friends. For few days we will miss & be sad. But except very few we will forget the others after sometimes. 

Again we will meet new friends with new life. Like wise life goes on. We can never predict what will happen next. But whatever happens of course we can never forget some people in our life. There the few who will make foot prints. It can be in both good and bad ways. Some we will remember with sweet memories. There will be another few we will remember with bitter experience or with a lesson. 

Most of us have lot of friends. Sometimes i used to think though we have so many friends & so many people to talk, how many are real people in that. Most of the people will be with us only in the happiness. You can see a good friend only when the time of a trouble or sadness. At happy times or when a person is free they always have time for others. But with those how many are there who will make a sacrifice or who can spend a minute with their busy schedule. When a person is free they always have time to think about others. But only a true friend or whoever loves you truly only will always have time on behalf of us at any hard times. 

If i make a friends list it will be very long. But if make a TRUE friends list it will very few. But i am happy @least there are few true people in my life whom i can trust always who will be there in every moments of life. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Love at first sight

There is no one specific definition for love. Every one will define it in various ways. As humans all of us need love for a happy life. First of all we experience the love of our parents and then  siblings, relatives, friends and so on. We get loved by various people in our life.

In that, the role of soul mate plays a huge part in life. After marriage the husband & wife becomes one. Two souls combines together. It is the very stable relationship in our life. Until the death we are going to live & share the whole life with our spouse. In that case selecting the life partner is not easy. To live a happy & a peaceful life there should be a very good understanding in between each other. Without getting to know a person fully, can never rely on that person. 

We can see lot of first sight love. I am not saying all the first sight love are unsuccessful or fake. There are successful & true once as well. But what i think is the first time if we see a person it cannot be true love, it is infatuation or just a opposite sex attraction. Obviously it is because of the look of the other person. At the first sight we cannot see the personality. 

In my point of view true love does not require the look. If the person is good & true then what else needed?

The success of first sight love also depends on the understanding of each other.