Sunday, March 31, 2013

Laundry is the only thing that should be separated by color.

'Laundry is the only thing that should be separated by color.' 

How true this sentence and what a good meaning. When laundry we should carefully handle the colors. If not colors might get mix to each other. specially with white clothes.

But in real life this is totally opposite. Most of the time when laundry people will not handle the colors carefully. But when its come to Human they used to separate them by color. Color gives only the appearance to a person. nothing else. But most of the people think color is a big thing. They used to separate the people with the color. The people who treat the black people in a bad way think being white is a grace. They never think if they were born as black if a white person insult them how they might feel that time. Always we have to think how others feel. if somethings hurts us probably it will hurt the others too. We cannot take back the word which came out from our month. We cannot take back an action what we did. Before doing something have to think twice.. thrice..

All human has same red blood. White people & black people do not have separate color blood. As humans every one should stop separating people with the skin color. 


  1. There is a Bengali song which converts to English as

    Give me a white man whose blood is white
    Give me a black man whose blood is black
    If you can
    I will give you whatever you want

    .... .... ....


    People should not be differed by colors, by religion, by wealth. We can earn everything with love and by loving others ...

    Nice post didi ...

    1. Hi Thanks a lot ho. By the way that song meaning sounds awesome...
      Exactly yes.. all are human. thats all.