Saturday, September 3, 2011

Facebook.... Facebook.. Facebook

I have already written a post about the Facebook & the usage of it. With the below link can view the previous post. Today a particular status of a friend of mine only made me to write this post.

After work i came to my place and as usual log in to Facebook. When i was checking the home page my first attention went to a specific status of a friend. i,e "It is almost two years passed since my mom died. :(( i miss my mom" 

Mothers love is unconditional. Any one will miss the loss of mom. The reason what made me to write this post  is, because there were 12 likes for this posts. I thought the like option is only for something which we like. But after seeing this i got a huge question mark about it. That person has put some normal & funny statuses previously. But for those the total likes approximately below 10. But for this within 5 hours 12 likes. 

Also recently another friend of mine has posted regarding a funeral. For that also there were few likes. I cannot exactly remember how many. 

Do these kind of statuses can be liked? Of course you can make a comment to make that person feel better. But i have no idea what they disclose by liking this kind of statuses. Do they like a loss of a person or a sadness of another person or they likes the expression of sadness??? 


  1. Sorry for your friend.

    I think people should leave a comment for their friend in such statuses rather than liking it. However it may also that friends used 'Like' to express that feelings. But, personally I wouldn't do that.

  2. I too have the same problem Niro, because few days back I too posted about an unexpected death (murder) of a 16 year boy, some of my friends also liked that, I too get confused for what reason they like such kind of statuses.. It is always better to put a comment or inbox the specific person to comfort them. I do like that only.. :) I did see that status and wondered why these people have liked.. :/ :? People are always confusing..

  3. Thanks for both of ur comment :)

    true. people are always confusing. they will do the unwanted things & they don't to the needful in most of the cases.

  4. Good post!!! I also noticed this

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